The Bioproducts Development and Discovery Centre is a facility where plant biologists, chemists, and engineers converge to investigate and commercialize biomaterials. Biological Feedstock will progressively replace fossil based raw materials to create eco-friendly manufacturing sectors to support industry. The BDDC is world leader in this technology and the project provides lab space where further products can be developed.

This project represents the third phase of development to the existing Crop Sciences building and was bid out as a Design-Build project.

As the successful bidder on the project, we were happy to be asked for a meeting with the University. Upon meeting with them we were told that while they wanted to work with us on the project, our bid was $2 million over their budget that was submitted for government Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) funding. In response, AEC engaged WalterFedy as our architects and engineers on this project. Through extensive meetings with the Physical Resources and the BDDC user group team we were able to deliver the project for the total budget available. Of the six projects at the University to receive SIF funding, the BDDC project was the only one that did not require an extension to the schedule.