Conestoga Meats Re-Roofing Project

AEC is serving as the Construction Manager for a major re-roofing project at Conestoga Meats’ Breslau facility. Over two phases, we are replacing 3-ply modified bitumen built-up roofing on over 80,000 SF of roof.

One of the complexities of this project is the busyness of the roof, with mechanical equipment, other roof-mounted building infrastructure systems, and a network of piping conveying the ammonia used to cool the plant. Working around all this critical equipment has required ongoing coordination with mechanical and electrical contractors, millwrights, our roofing contractor, engineering consultants, and Conestoga Meats staff. Due to the proximity of the site to the Region of Waterloo International Airport, our team has also had to coordinate with airport staff throughout the project whenever cranes need to operate on the site to ensure they don’t conflict with the operating airspace.

The roof replacement is taking place over a fully operational, sensitive operation. Preventing leaks into sensitive areas is critical, as is maintaining the thousands of linear feet of utilities on the roof that help power the building and maintain the temperature inside. The site is equally busy on the ground, with shunt truck traffic and employees moving on and off shift throughout the day. Close coordination with Conestoga Meats’ team and effective work scheduling has helped us complete this project without causing any downtime or impacts to production.